Very Vocabulary #121 Learn English Vocabulary Words Podcast

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pern said...

Hey man this is the first one that i listened in on and i just wanted to say i respect what your trying to do. Not many people care enough about their education, and to find someone out their that cares more about other people's educations than they themselves care is just phenomenal. I was actually just flipping across the pages of podcasts on itunes and i found your particular one and listened to it. You also happened to ask for any advice. Well i happen to be an amateur speaker as well... verry amateur speaker. But i did happen to have a tip for you, if you write out almost exactly what your going to say and then read it outloud several times to make sure it sounds good. Also you do need to adlib a little bit, to keep it from getting monotonous, but you don't want to get extremely sidetracked. I want to say again thanks for what your doing and i'll drop you a few more comments sometime