Readpeace.com Very Vocabulary Podcast


Anonymous said...

Hello from Brussels,

I began to listen to your podcast 2 weeks ago. Now I have listened three episodes. Every morning and evening when I take the train to go to or leave work, I listen to you the shows. They help me a lot to improve my English and to learn new vocabulary.
Your shows are very well made. I really appreaciate your work and would like to give you one suggestion in making the shows. I notice that sometimes the words are not spelled and I think it will really be helpful if you could spell them (if possible twice, one time when you begin it and one time when you finished explaining the meaning).
I find your example setences for the words are very good for me to understand the meanings of the words. So keep on with the example sentences!!


Ze Zhou

Anonymous said...

hi,i want to thank you for these shows.really they are useful and interesting but there is something which makes me confused when i listen them; would you please spell the words before giving their meanings ,this really will help to understand the words very well.
really i enjoy lestening to your shows.i do not feel boring as i feel with other web sites.

Ketlin said...

This podcast is useful to me in part because I've never heard these words said out loud before.

However, sometimes you sound bored or annoyed. In one episode you complained that you could not pause your recorder. Do you know how to edit using a free program like audacity?

Mostly, though, I would agree with some feedback that you mentioned in a recent episode. The words should be first before any thing else. You could easily mention whatever extra things you are going to do before the words, but still save it for the end.

Keep up the good work :)